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Rates for Editing & Proofreading

To give a meaningful cost estimate, we will need to know some of the details of your project—the length, the nature of the material, and the type of editing to be performed. If you can send a sample of the writing, so that we can gauge its overall quality, that will be helpful as well. Once we know those details, we can estimate how long the work will take, and consequently, how much it will cost.

Our typical rate for any type of editing—copyediting, proofreading, or content editing—is $40/hour. We work quickly, but not hastily. Your project will receive as much time and attention as it genuinely requires, but with our commitment to efficiency, you will never end up paying for unnecessary hours. A variety of factors may result in adjustments to the hourly rate:

  • Is speedy (e.g., next-day) turnaround required?
  • Is the writing in "plain English," or is the content highly technical?
  • Are you a repeat client with whom we have an ongoing relationship?

In addition to an hourly rate, our estimate will include a "Not To Exceed" figure. We will not charge more than this maximum dollar amount, even if the work takes longer than projected.


Flat fees for larger projects

In general, we believe that hourly rates are the fairest way to bill for editorial services. However, we understand that fixed per-project fees can give a client greater comfort, especially when budgeting for large projects. If you would prefer a project fee over an hourly rate, we can work to accommodate you.

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